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Welcome to, a portal for IT consultancy and support, spearheaded by Thomas Rooney, a seasoned professional in information technology and veterans’ affairs. Thomas’s journey is marked by a distinguished career at the Department of Veterans Affairs, culminating in his role as the Deputy Executive Director of the IT Operations Command Center. His expertise encompasses a wide range of IT disciplines, honed over years of dedicated service in a critical government sector.

Retirement has not dimmed Thomas’s passion for technology and service. Instead, it has ushered in a new chapter where he leverages his extensive experience to provide consultancy services. Thomas’s focus is on offering invaluable IT advice and support to individuals and organizations interacting with the Department of Veterans Affairs. His insights are particularly beneficial to those navigating the complex IT infrastructure of this vital institution.


Thomas Rooney’s consulting services are characterized by a deep understanding of both the technical and bureaucratic aspects of IT systems within the Veterans Affairs framework. Whether it’s system integration, data management, cybersecurity, or navigating the VA’s specific protocols, Thomas offers a unique blend of rare and highly sought-after expertise in this niche field.

At, you can expect professional advice, insightful consultations, and reliable support, all built on a foundation of real-world experience and a deep commitment to helping others succeed in their IT endeavors within the Veterans Affairs landscape.

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